Advantages of Being Gay

One of the main advantages of being gay is compatibility.  Men have so much more in common with other men than they do with women.  Women have much more in common with other women than they do with men.  If you see two men walking along a street and then two women walking behind them you might at first think it is two gay couples.  You then learn it is in fact two heterosexual couples who split to talk man-to-man and woman-to-woman.  This is because the women can talk about what interests them, and the men about what they are interested in.  How fortunate gay people are to have the one you are interested in, the one you want sex with, the one you love, the one you are compatible with, and the one you want to spend a life-long relationship with - all in the same person.

No Role Play

With heterosexuals they are pushed into a kind of role play, where 'the man' is expected to do certain things, and 'the woman' is expected to do other certain things.  As a gay couple you are not restricted in that way.  You can decide for yourselves what jobs, chores, activities you do.

Same Level

When you are a gay couple you are often the same height.  This means you can be on-the-level with your partner, and can see things eye-to-eye.  With heterosexuality she has to look up to her boyfriend, whether she likes it or not.  (Or look at his shoulders.  Or try to wear high-heel shoes, which often still does not bring her up to his height.)

Erogenous Zones

A man automatically knows where his partner's erogenous zones are if he is gay.  A gay woman likewise with her partner.  Heterosexuals often have trouble with this, and heterosexual women often go unsatisfied by the man.  Gay couples, on the other hand, usually instinctively know how to satisfy each other in bed.  And gay couples usually communicate better and get into all sorts of positions to increase the pleasure.


When a gay couple has kids the children know they are really wanted.  When heterosexuals have kids they are sometimes a mistake, the father did not want the mother to get pregnant.  The kids could not be sure because, of course, the parents would never tell the kid it was a mistake.  However when a male couple want to have a child and they father him with a female couple, or use surrogacy, or a bisexual partner is already a father, or they adopt, there is a lot more involved.  They would not go through the process unless they really wanted to bring a son or daughter into the world.  So the children of gay couples can be happy in the knowledge that they were really wanted, and that in turn brings happiness and contentment to the couple.

Same Sex, Same Planet

You may have heard the phrase - "men are from Mars, women are from Venus". Basically it means men and women are so far apart they don't know what each other are talking about half the time.  Gay couples do not have that problem, we are on the same page most of the time.  That's an advantage of being gay.

Gay Bars

In gay bars and nightclubs there is a camaraderie which cannot be found elsewhere.  Guys who are new to the area can freely chat and make new friends most easily because they have one thing in common - they are gay.  Sorry if you are in Russia or a country that has prejudiced laws or hateful people, we know that can be problematic.  We recommend you move to a country that is better.  Life is too short to waste it being unhappy.  Please see the map of the world listed in the menu of this website for countries that respect gay people's rights.

Doubling the Wardrobe

If you are a gay man or boy and you have moved in together with your boyfriend in most cases you double your wardrobe.  Unless you are of totally different sizes it's fun to share the clothes.

Better Person

You get practice seeing the other side of issues.  You might be a more compassionate person if you are gay.  And if you are more empathic and understanding then you are a better parent, and a better person in general.

Advantages of Being Bisexual
More Options

More 'options' when it comes to relationships.  Not grossed out or phobic of people of either gender.  A bisexual person has a larger pool of potential partners.

Advantages of Both

You get advantages of gays above and heterosexuals below.

Advantages of Being Heterosexual
None or Little Prejudice

In most countries of the world there is no prejudice, although having heterosexual sex without a license (marriage) in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, etc is a punishable criminal offense.

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