Looking on the internet for websites giving the gay bars in Bristol I found a pretty poor selection.  Some of them were grossly out of date, giving bars that have long since closed down.

The following data was compiled August 2021. Currently there is only one gay bar in Bristol, and one gay sauna.  Although the bar is called a 'bar', not a 'club', it does go on until late on Fridays and Saturdays, 2am.

As a teenager you should avoid a pub that is only older men over 50.  Also some clubs in the center still try to advertize as catering to gay people when in fact they have no higher percentage of gays than any other non-gay bar and are just after your money.  They also have prejudiced hets that can make it a miserable night.

If you want to go to a youngish bar in the center that is not gay but which has an eclectic mix of non-attitude guys try The Mother's Ruin in St Nicholas Street where you may meet gay emos.

Or for a proper gay bar go to Bristol Bear Bar in the St Philip's district, see below.  This bar has over 90% gay guys.

Bristol Map - St Philip's Area in Orange - Shown Below
St Philips Area Map - Gay Bars and Sauna in red
Bristol Bear Bar (BBB) 2 West St, Saint Philip's, Bristol, BS2 0BH. Gay bar, mainly hairy men.  Usually men only. Website
Sparta 19 West St, Saint Philip's, Bristol, BS2 0DH. Gay men's sauna.  On some days they have special events and you will not be admitted.
Longboys Lodge Bristol Bedminster, Bristol (central), BS3. Gay rental rooms accommodation, 1 day to 1 year, gay guys only. Website

The Following Bars and Clubs have Closed Down or are No Longer Gay
Bent Castro Elite Retreat Sauna Flamingos (Gin) Palace Griffin Just Winns Lounge OMG Pineapple Proud Queen's Shilling R7 Rainbow The Retreat Vibes
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