Life Videos

Exploring Los Angeles

Mark E Miller & Ethan Hethcote


The couple visit with DJ Ryan Kenney and Lance Bass

Feed Me

Ariel Vanean & Jack Harrer


Daniel Coming Out - Live Reaction

Daniel & His Mom


My First Gay Experience In High School

Zach & B


My Coming Out Story

Taylor Robbins


10 Reasons Being Gay Is Awesome



Coming Out

Mark Williams


Transgender Elle Bradford & Boyfriend Jeremy

Elle Bradford & Jeremy


The beautiful and modest Elle and her boyfriend tell us about their relationship.

They cover her body transition from male to female.

After Coming Out

Colton Bentley Marvel


Sexy Colton tells us about his school and his parents.

Relationship Talks

Russian Couple Adam and Kevin


Adam tells us what makes a good relationship.

Coming Out to My Mom

Corey Schultz & His Mom


Gets his mom to tell us what she thought of him growing up.

Classic Gay Support Video

High School Prom King John Robinson


This is THE quintessential gay teen support video.

Johnny Robinson made this video in response to Jonah Mowry, who was at breaking point due to bullying, when he made his video.

Mark asks for Yuval's hand in marriage

Actor / producer Yuval David and partner Mark McDermott


Yuval David is overcome by the surprise proposal of marriage from his lover, lawyer Mark McDermott.

A dancing flash mob and his parents were there in New York City with them.  See Yuval David's website at

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