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On this website we show you how lucky you are to be gay, and I will explain how to talk to people about it. For gay teenagers this website will be very helpful.  There are plenty of music videos to inspire you, with gay singers.  We provide a world map with areas marked in dark blue that offer marriages for gay people.  If you are living in a country that does not respect equality we recommend you move to a country that has better human rights legislation and friendlier people.  See the map for details.

We also show some cities that have gay bars and LGBT nightclubs.  Although, as a teenager, you may be too young to go to a drinking establishment, especially if you are american, we have included some details for residents of other countries such as Austria/Germany where the drinking age is lower.  There are of course gay dating "apps" on phones as a way for gay boys to meet new friends but please be careful; in some countries (Russia) guys going to meet someone have been attacked by a hatemonger.  We recommend you have video communication with the other person, on several occasions, before arranging to meet.  And if something doesn't 'feel' right to you then it probably isn't, so don't meet.  There are many websites and apps available and you can access them with phone, tablet, or laptop.  We may introduce a dating program on this website in the future.

Beside music videos we also have here a selection of videos of gay boys telling you of their life experiences, and just having fun with their friends.  Also we have videos for when you are older and settle down with the man of your dreams and want to start a family.  At the bottom of each page you can choose your preferred language and a page layout that suits your screen size for phone, tablet, or laptop.  Enjoy watching the videos! And you can download them easily if you wish.  For people with older phones that cannot play the video on the larger image, we have provided a link to download an older format, this will sometimes play immediately.  The second-to-last button on the menu helps you with defensive chat when talking to difficult (maybe religious) people.  And the final button gives you links to other helpful websites.

I hope this site will be fun for you and give you some ideas on how fortunate you are to be a gay teenager today!

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